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Build a Deck to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Oct 16

Decks can be as inexpensive as whole-room additions and are also easy to customize. You can create a deck to host outdoor events with built-in seating. Or a small space where you can have your deck builders Oceanside CA-style barbecue grill.

To get into your backyard, you will need to climb stairs. Decks can help you get more sunlight to your garden and yard. A deck is a good place to place containers that can be used to grow anything, including native plants and vegetables as well as miniature fruit trees or other interesting plant life.

The decks are easy to maintain and made of durable materials. Railings can improve the privacy of your deck and provide you with areas to place window boxes. They also protect your children so they don't fall. The cost of maintaining and repairing concrete or stone patios is much higher than a deck.

Although you might not be looking to sell your home right now you should consider the added value to your property. Outdoor living is a big part of Oceanside, so adding a deck to your home will make it more attractive to potential buyers.


An arbor or pergola can be a great way of increasing your garden space, especially for properties with limited outdoor space. It can also be used to shade an area of your outdoor living area, such as an eating area or sitting area, from the scorching California sun. Arbors are a practical and attractive way of shading your home from the sun.

These vines attach quickly to arbors and create a living roof that is both beautiful and useful. Planting vines that produce vibrant nectar-rich flowers will make your property even more enjoyable. You'll also enjoy the beautiful hummingbirds, butterflies and other wildlife that will flock to your arbor. You may be able to lower cooling costs if your arbor is located close enough that it can shade your home during the hottest parts of the day.

No matter whether you add an arbor or deck to your property you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space and increase your home's value.


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