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Amo Residence agricultural zone is protected by swamps and an area of secondary forest

Jun 24

The upcoming Amo Residence apartment homes is a great property due to the wide range of parks it offers for its inhabitants. The parks comprise Ang Mo Kio Heritage trail marker Bishan-Angkio Green Park Therapy Garden Bishan Park as well as Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park.

The recently constructed Ang Mo Kio new condo has always met the most essential needs due to its closeness to shopping centers with huge dimensions that can accommodate the needs of the residents such as The AMK Hub as well as Broadway Bishan Plaza North Shopping Mall.

Amo Residence launch price in Singapore is part of HDB which has 9 floors of the structure. The condo is comprised of 140 units. The 126 units is composed of three units. Every one of 18 units is fitted with four bedrooms. Construction began in year 1975. The construction was completed in the year 1975 following the acquisition of the leasehold for 54 years.

Amo Residence is one of the most profitable Housing and Development Board (HDB) regions. It's home to a thriving community, with excellent drinks and meals provided by local businesses, and enjoys an extremely close relationship with the nearby communities and small-scale enterprises that have been in operation since the beginning of town.

There are a myriad of theories on the meaning of"Ang Mo Kio" Ang Mo Kio. Many believe it's connected with "Ang Mo Kio" which is the Hokkien version of the word, which refers to tomatoes. Many believe that it's an allusion to the bridge built by Thomson due to the fact that it's a reference to the bridge "ang mo" is a Hokkien word that is commonly used to refer to Caucasians and "kio" is an ode to "bridge". However , the people who lived in the area believed that there were not organically grown tomatoes were grown in the area of the plantation. This is the reason "Ang Mo Kio" was not a term which was used widely. Ang Mo Kio was not often used by people living in the region to establish a distinct identity to identify the region.

The region was designated an agricultural area. It was also secured by swamps and secondary forests. The area was declared part of the forest, in accordance according to the Maps from Colonial America. The map was first released in 1936. First time that we learned about the region came in an essay written in 1849. The essay was written by J T Thomson, Government Surveyor who claimed that the area was portion of "Amokiah" which was the term used to describe the region at the time of Ang Mo Kio then, and was the main source of Sandstone. The initial cartographies of Singapore also show the area in the form of "Amokiah". The area was named in the early 1900s. This is the very first time the area was named Ang Mo Kio.

The modern condos rank 7th of the most prestigious cities in Singapore that includes Ang Mo Kio New Town that was established in the year 1970. Since its first day the city has been able to enjoy numerous facilities which are offered by the condominium that provide modern facilities that provide the possibility of investing an investment into a home property.

UOL is one of the most prominent Singapore listed property companies, with an estimated value of around $20 billion. It owns numerous commercial and residential properties which include investment and development properties and rooms and suites that offer services throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America.