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Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

Mar 25

The first snowfall of the year is always magical. Prevention is the best way for your deck to be preserved and to avoid expensive repairs.

These four deck maintenance tips will make your spring season more enjoyable.

Clear away all debris from your deck

Clean your deck should be a top priority. You can trim branches near your deck to prevent buildup.

Another tip to remove debris is to be aware that moisture can collect around outdoor furniture, such as potted plants. It might also be worth looking into deck repair Chicago.

You might consider elevating pots made from water-resistant wood like cedar or moving them around often.

Scrub Away Deck Stains

Next, scrub the surface with an oxygen-based cleaning solution. The final step is to power wash the surface with an oxygen-based bleach solution.

A popular DIY idea is to mix the following ingredients:

* 1 quart oxygen bleach

3 quarts water

1/4 cup ammonia-free liquid dishwashing detergent

After the liquids have been mixed, spray the mixture onto the deck. Don't forget to call a deck-building solution provider.

Staining and sealing your deck

Deck protection is essential for winter decks. Water can get into small cracks in decks from melting snow. It may be necessary to remove decks that are not in good condition.

Snow Removal

It is common belief that snow can cause wood to warp.

Use a plastic shovel. Plastic shovels are gentler than metallic ones.

  • Use parallel shovels, instead of perpendicular. This will keep the shovel from catching planks or goinguge the edges.

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