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Bit Leash - Best Drill Accessories You'll Every Have

Mar 9

Best Drill Accessories You'll Ever Have

The Bit Leash is the most versatile drill accessory on the market to buy. With our Bit Leash, you can swap in different bits with just one connector. It can be used with any drill, and also allows you to hold your drill bits in place when you're not using them. This allows you to use various bits, without interrupting the drilling process too much.

Work Smarter and Faster with Bit Leash:

This drill bit holder will store bits on your drill. You'll be able to swap them in an out at lightning speed when you need them.

  • Never lose your drill bits
  • Fast swapping
  • Bits can’t be dropped

One of our clients has said this tool is the “next best drill accessories” they have ever bought, because it makes the exchange of bits quick and easy. You can store bits close to the drill, meaning that you do not need to keep track of them as much. No matter what height you are working at, you also have access to a drill bit."

Not only will your drill bits be easily accessible, but whatever job you’re using the drill for will get done faster since the time you would’ve taken to move away from your project to change bits will be eliminated. No longer will you have to delay starting the next step of your project due to looking for the best bit to use because they will all be at your disposal, stored right on the drill, at your fingertips. 

You can buy bits with your bit leash that can work with any screw to help with any project. In addition to square, hexagonal, and Phillips bits, there is also an interchangeable bit adapter that comes with cross head, square and star shaped Torx to use for even more projects. There are also two different socket adapters you can buy with the tool to change from a screwdriver to a wrench.

With all of the components you can buy, this tool will easily become your “go-to” tool when performing any project either around the house or anywhere. You will never have to worry about delaying the start or completion of a project again or looking for the bit you may need. The Bit Leash has everything you need, for any project you may need a screwdriver or wrench to complete. 

No matter what project you need to get done, the Bit Leash will become an extension of your hand to get it done.

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