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A suitable fence for a secure meadow

Feb 6

This week, we continue in our momentum on the theme of the horse in the meadow, and we are talking about closing! It is tempting to let your horse enjoy the green grass of a pasture. Occasionally, or daily, we will therefore want to let our horse graze freely, and for that, we must ensure the safety of the place. This security comes first and foremost through the fence, which makes it possible to determine the relaxation area granted to his horse. Today there are several alternatives for delimiting a meadow or a paddock. What are the different possibilities? How to choose? More here:

The wooden fence, ideal for horses living outside.

Who has never dreamed of a beautiful pasture, surrounded by a well-aligned wooden rail as far as the eye can see? Raw or creosote-treated wood, natural or painted white, these wooden fences make us dream. But technically, “what is it worth? ".

The wooden fence is particularly rigid and resistant, thus allowing permanent parking of the plot, ensuring security and durability of the building.

For a beautiful and effective wooden fence, we recommend at least two heights of rails, at approximately 70cm and 130cm high. Nevertheless, these heights can vary, and you can also add rails to find yourself at 3 or 4 heights, up to 1m70 high, or even more, depending on the needs, the dangerousness of the place and the temperament of the equines.

However, although very aesthetic, efficient and durable over time, this type of installation represents a significant financial investment. So there are other less expensive alternatives.

The electrified horse fence, is a good economical alternative.

In order to limit the costs, a good alternative is the electrification of the plot of your horse. There is then no longer any need for heddles, replaced by choice of cord or ribbons, electrical conductors, which are connected to an energizer to energize.

Easy to set up, this type of fence is relatively less expensive, and has the advantage of also being very effective, provided that the appropriate equipment is chosen and that care is taken to install the effective fence and to keep it in good condition. For example, to limit the loss of energy and therefore of current intensity, care must be taken to maintain the vegetation bordering the fence, so that nothing touches the wire or tape.

Also be careful to choose the right cord or ribbon! Horses have difficulty distinguishing close details, and may not see a wire that is too fine, at the risk of getting caught in it, so it is important that the fence is clearly visible.

And for a temporary paddock

There is yet another fence alternative for making a paddock . The least expensive, it is easy and quick to set up, and is also easy to move. These are temporary electric fences.

As for the previous model, we use an energizer, and tape or cord. But this time, the rigid wooden posts are replaced by plastic, PVC, steel or fiberglass posts.

Well assembled, this type of installation makes it possible to simply and quickly delimit paddocks or temporary relaxation areas. However, the buried part of the post being much shorter than for a wooden post, these fences are less resistant over time and tend to relax over the months.

They are also less resistant in the event of an accident (a horse running into the fence or a tree branch falling on it, for example). It is therefore important to keep horses under supervision when they are surrounded by a simple temporary fence, and to check the installation regularly.

All of these solutions can be combined at will. The main thing is that the grazing area is well delimited, that the fence is clearly visible and that its surroundings are maintained and cleared to limit any degradation. Horses will thus be able to enjoy large spaces in complete freedom, in complete safety, keeping their owners calm and reassured.

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